How Does The Face Matching Work?

When you upload a profile or attraction image, it is analyzed by our image software in the cloud. If a face is found, a mathematical representation of the face is extracted and saved to be used during comparision.


How To Search For People In My Area?

To begin looking for people in your area, you must upload an attraction image. You may also adjust search parameters such as distance and age in settings.

What Is An "Attraction Image"?

An image containing a single face of a person you find attractive. This image is then used in queries to find other people that look similar.

How Can I Prevent Unwanted People From Talking To Me?

If you would like to restrict people from messaging you, go to settings and enable First Message. With First Message enabled, only people that you have matched with have the option to message you first.

How Can I Know Whether Or Not I Can Message New Matches?

When you match someone, they are added to your connections in the messaging screen. The profile picture for matches has a border color. If the border color is grey, then messaging for that person is locked until either they match you back or turn off First Messaging.

How Can I Hide Connections In The Messaging Screen?

When you press the "Connections" title on the messaging screen, your connections will be hidden.